GLO T8 4' 12W 5000k TripleX Tube Frosted

Upgrade any fluorescent fixture to LED lighting without needing major modification to your existing infrastructure.  LED tubes are ideal, high energy saving lighting, with minimal installation time.  Each tube is fitted with a efficient long life driver for high lumen output replacement to any traditional lighting. GLO 4' Tube, 12W, 5000k, Frosted

Power Factor: 0.9104
THD: 16.98%
CRI: 82.2%
Warranty: 10 Years

-Replaces existing flourescent T8 lamp without removing electronic ballast 
-Compatible with instant-start electronic ballast
-Environmentally friendly with no mercury
-High lumen efficiency & high CRI
-65,000 operating hours
-DLC: use suffix "WOB" for testing results, "without ballast"

For more information, please refer to the spec sheet


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